Leila Khaled's live appearance in the Internationalist Youth Festival.

Despite the Ministry's of External Affairs denial to provide a visa to the Palestinian guest, her participation has been made possible through a live internet connection.

Leila Khaled's appearance and speech provoked the participants' excitement and was the best possible answer to the american-obedient behaviour of minister mrs. Bakogianni.

From Friday's 11/7 presentation: Europe against the European Union

Speakers: representatives of RdC (Italy), CPGB-ML (Britain), GML/RM (Netherlands)

Coordinator: Chr. Karamanos, member of the direction of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left)

From Friday's 11/7 presentation: Balkans: Against imperialism and chauvinism

Speakers: representatives of Parties and Youth Associations from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and N. Kurdistan

Sponsored by the Balkan Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties

Coordinator: G. Tsipras, member of the Coordination Group of the Balkan Conference

Ojos de Brujo SoundSystem

From Ojos de Brujo SoundSystem concert, the first day of the festival, Friday 11/7.

Dave of fun-da-mental is also on stage, jamming with ODBSS.


fun-da-mental upset Athens center, in a live happening in immigrants' neighborhoods.


From Matisse live, on Sunday 13/7.