We, the delegations participating in Resistance 2008 - 1st Internationalist Youth Festival, which was successfully organized by KOE in Athens from 11 to 13 July 2008, declare the following:

  • We will keep on and intensify our resolute struggle against the common enemies of the working class, the youth and the peoples around the world.
  • We will continue fighting against repression, which had as a result that several invited persons and delegations, and especially Comrade Leila Khaled and the Basque Comrades from SEGI, were prevented from being with us in this Festival.

Through our struggle we will ensure that:

  • Our future will not be a future damned by hunger, aggression, exploitation, robbery, destruction of the environment and cultural flattening.
  • Our future will not be a future blood-stained by imperialist invasions, military coups, assassinations of popular leaders and genocides of peoples.
  • Our future will not be a future darkened by the ghettos, the exclusion, the lack of basic goods and services, the darkness of illiteracy and irrationalism.
  • Our future will not be a future marked by unemployment, modern slavery, black labor, forced immigration, temporary work, human organs trade, human trafficking.
  • Our future will not be a future haunted by the persecution of justice fighters, the abolition of our democratic rights, the "anti"-terrorist hysteria, the black-listing of every progressive person that fights against occupation, modern barbarism and fascism, the nightmarish expansion of public and private "security" forces on the loose.

We don't want such a future! We condemn the genocidal, rotten and criminal capitalist-imperialist system! We are confident that today's proletariat, youth and the peoples around the globe will eventually win, will make this world theirs. All together, we will build our own new world!

We are an inextricable component of the youth and the peoples in struggle; we are part of the millions fighting today against feudalism, capitalism, zionism, imperialism, and especially US imperialism, struggling against all occupation and exploitation forces.

We are by the side of the peoples of Latin America that are creating a new reality and are opening up paths towards the liberation from imperialism. We enthusiastically salute the Nepalese Revolution that overturned monarchy and opens up new roads leading to a decisive victory. We hail the heroic, resolute and uninterrupted resistance of the Palestinian People. We salute the Irish People, who recently rejected the reactionary and antidemocratic Lisbon Treaty. We salute all the struggles of the working class in the whole world, and all the youth movements, which are on the forefront of the fight for social justice and genuine liberation. (*)

The world belongs to us! We will build up our own future, fighting for a better world, which is an utmost necessity for the huge majority of mankind: a world without exploitation, repression, hunger, war, racism; a world without classes and casts; a world without alienation and without destruction of the environment.

For all these reasons, we declare: the world is not theirs, it is ours!

Long live the resistance and the struggle!

Signatures (as of 31/7/2008):

  1. Argentina: JCR - Revolutionary Communist Youth
  2. Bolivia: Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
  3. Bulgaria: Resistance Movement "23 September"
  4. Congo: Action-Congo
  5. Europe: Democratic Youth Movement in Europe
  6. France: Franco-Nepalese Solidarity Committee
  7. Germany: Youth REBELL
  8. Great Britain: Communist Party of Great Britain (M-L)
  9. Greece: KOE - Communist Organization of Greece
  10. Greece: Left Formations of the Youth
  11. Greece: Union of the Working People
  12. Haiti: NPCH - New Haitian Communist Party
  13. Italy: RdC - Rete dei Comunisti
  14. Nepal: CPN(M) - Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
  15. Netherlands: GML/Rode Morgen
  16. Palestine: DFLP - Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  17. Palestine: PFLP - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  18. Portugal: Youth of Left Block / Bloco de Esquerda
  19. Serbia: Partija Rada
  20. Turkey: HOC - The Front for Rights and Liberties [Representation in Greece]
  21. Turkey: SGDF - Federation of Socialist Youth Associations
  22. Turkey: Youth of Revolutionary Proletariat
  23. Turkey-N.Kurdistan: Union of Maoist Youth
  24. USA: Progressive Labor Party [reservations in paragraph marked by (*)]