Information about Naxos

Map of Naxos

Facilities on site:

• information office
• international telephone
• parking
• (breakfast) bar
• tavern
• supermarket
• children’ s playground
• basketball field
• busstop near entrance
• satellite TV in bar

Facilities in reception:

• post box
• books/magazine-swap
• exchange at bank rates
• payment with credit card
• cash-advances possible
• boat information / tickets
• excursion tickets
• motorbikes and cars for hire
• internet connection
• fax service
• rental of tents, sleepingbags and mats
• safety boxes
• TV rental
• charging of cell phones, cameras etc
• laundry service

Immediately after the Festival, a week-long camping will be organized by the seaside, in the island of Naxos (Aegean Sea), so that young comrades from many countries will have the opportunity to continue the exchange of ideas and experiences in a more relaxed setting.

The cost for the whole week will be around 120 Euro per person (ship fare around 60 Euro + camping cost around 60 Euro per person). The camping will take place from Monday 14 to Monday 21 of July. There will be a 10% discount in the prices of the camping’s tavern.

Special arrangements will be made for the delegations coming from Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Balkans and Asia, so that financial constraints will not prevent their participation in the camping.

Maragas camping is located right by the beach.
All the places in the camping are shaded either by bamboo-roofs or by trees.
It is possible to hire sleeping-bags, mats and tents.
There is electricity for those who use sleeping bags and tents and for those with caravans.
There is a big supermarket and a tavern directly in front on the beach.
There is also a children's playground and a basketball field.
In the camping there is also a bar, which serves excellent breakfast and super cocktails in the evening.
There are many toilets and showers (with hot water 24-hours a day).
There is a local bus service to and from Naxos-town every 20 minutes. The bus-stop is at the entrance of the camping.

Check out some photos from the island and the Maragas camping in the galleries.

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